antondayne asked:

Will you make the Giant or Giant Archer available again? I saw that they had once been sold, but it was before I'd joined (Oathkeeper and the Mammoth, too, hint, hint ;)). I'd love to equip my character with them, thanks!

Hi antondayne! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve passed it along to the design team for them to consider. We take all requests very seriously so you might see these again someday soon.

Have an awesome week, thanks for writing in!

~ Khatie


kindervi asked:

I just got the app for my iPhone5 and it worked fine for a few hours but then it couldn't retrieve my account information and let me play the game! I wanted a fresh start so I made a new account and when I ran into the problem I did everything I could think of, restarting my device, deleting and redownloading and nothing works! Any ideas on how to solve this?

Hi there, kindervi,

First welcome to Game of Thrones Ascent! We’re glad you got the game. Over the weekend we had a *much* better-than-expected response to our launch on both Android and iPhone. This led to some server issues, which we’ve now fixed for the most part and are continuing to improve.

Please let us know through if you are still having issues with the game.

Thank you!