brww asked:

awesome work guys, thank you for this game :) I have 2 questions for you, probably none will be answered but I ll give it a shot! 1) any ideas when house Arryn will be out?? after season 5 starts, before? 2) will there be more houses to pledge fealty to? like freys, boltons, after the great 9 houses?

1) As stated in our forums and on the Facebook page, we have no current plans to add any further houses at this time.

2) Not sure at this time whether more houses will be added to the game or not, we never say no but there are no current plans with our design team.

Thank you for the questions. :)

antondayne asked:

So, about that Giant Archer, can you sell it? I'd love to see some of the other season 4 items offered for real, not for gamble. I think you would sell more if you offered Oathkeeper, the Giant Archer, the Valyrian and Ygritte's weapons straight up than asking people to gamble money on the small chance of receiving them. It is a really fun game, but I'd like to outfit my characters as I like and not end up with items I won't use on which I've unfortunately spent money.

Hi antondayne, thank you for your question! Sometimes these items appear in the Shop available for purchase, but it’s random. Keep checking back! Thank you for the feedback, I’ve shared it with the Shopkeeper. :)